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I’m Tery. I started this a few years ago to keep track of the philanthropic and creative things I do with a few friends and family members with the Shala Foundation. Over time, I started sponsoring a few community and STEM-related programs.

I support organisations that help the disadvantaged or first responders who protect, rescue, or defend others. You see, my husband puts on a uniform, gears up, and stands in between us and those who mean to do us harm here at home and abroad … so I try to show him support and demonstrate solidarity in my own way.

daddy's back for a bit! we must give him kisses

When not advising as a technology and industry SME, I can be found climbing in the mountains, practising yoga, paragliding, renovating our old house, crossfitting, taking care of my mischievous family, or enjoying an outdoor adventure. I also like bunnies, pikas, sloths, and all animals that might resemble bunnies, pikas, and sloths.